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14 MW YQW thermal fluid heater for edible oil refinery

14 MW YQW thermal fluid heater for edible oil refinery

Production Capacity: 1 set of 14 MW, 4 sets of 10.5 MW

Equipment: 1 set of YQW-14000Q, 4 sets of YQW-10500Q

Location:  Laiyang, Shandong

Cooperative client:  Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd.

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14 MW YQW thermal fluid heater for edible oil refinery

Shandong LuhuaGroup Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise and a key leadingenterprise of agricultural industrialization. It has 24 production bases andspans industries such as edible oil, condiments and vegetable processing. Theannual production capacity of edible oil is 1 million tons, and the annualproduction capacity of condiments is 100,000 tons.

ZOZEN boiler technical team offered customized various models and parameters of thermal fluidheater according to the actual conditions of Fuxin Oil Plant. The person incharge of the project said that a total of YQW-14000Q, two YQL-10500Q and oneYQW-4200Q thermal fluid heater have been installed in the boiler room of theFuxin Oil Plant of Luhua Group. The rated thermal power is 14 MW, 10.5 MW, 4.2 MW, which meet the edible oil processing drying /cooling - hot air frying - suction cooling - rolling crushing / peeling -steaming and other cumbersome production processes.

The thermalfluid heater researched by ZOZEN not only adopts The ejected forced circulation system, which realize low-pressure and high-temperature heat supply. It alsohas a waste heat recovery device, which improves the overall thermal efficiencyby recycling high-temperature flue gas waste heat. After a period of use, the ZOZEN thermal fluid heater has stable operation, complete safety devices, andenergy-saving features.

Therefore, thesecond phase of the project, Luhua Group, Shenzhou Oil Plant, Xinyi Oil Plant,Zhoukou Oil Plant, Laiyang Oil Plant, Jiangtuo Oil Plant, Dingtao Oil Plant,and Zhoukou Luhua Aroma Peanut Oil Co., Ltd.  successively purchased from ZOZEN a total of 11 sets of thermal fluid heater, who have establishedfriendly cooperation with Zozen Boiler.


Customer feedback

During theinstallation process, the technicians of ZOZEN always put the Customer’sinterest first place, and they are not afraid of tiredness and loss, and stayed by theboiler for a record test overnight. In addition, they train the customer aboutoperation and maintenance in detail, to ensure the normal operation of theboiler.

— Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd.

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